These terms and conditions apply to all rental properties in Eve’s Garden.


Before you move in, you pay the following

Deposit, equal to one month’s rent

Unless anything else is agreed, you pay rent for the remaining days up to the first day in the following calendar month (E.g. if you move in on 10 june, you will pay for 20 days for the rest of June)

You pay rent for the following calendar month

From there on, payment is on the first day of each month.

Property owner’s right to access the property

The property owner has the right to access the property with 24 hours notice in writing for checking installations and for reviewing the state of the property.

Alterations of the property

The property always has to be returned in the same standard, as it was when you moved in.

If you want to paint, replace stove, fridge or other hardware items or furniture, or if you want to make other alterations or improvement, you are advised to only do so, with prior agreement with the property owner. If you do not have an agreement about such alterations, the property owner has the right to claim you to bring the property back to the state it was in, when you moved in.

If the property owner find, that you have made alterations or other things, that has deteriorated the state of the property, the property owner can ask you to either a) ask you to bring the property back to it’s original state or one you mutually agree, or b) increase your deposit amount with an amount that is estimated to cover the cost of bringing the property back to it’s original state.

If you do not mutually find agreement about amount and payment, it is considered a breach of renter’s obligations, and the property owner has the right to end the rental agreement with the shortest notice possible according to laws of the State of Baja California Norte.

Parties, camping, music etc.

Eve’s garden is a venue place for events. Areas of the park are also being rented out for camping guests.

As a renter, you will experience music and market events, as well as there can be weddings, “Quinciañeras” and other types of private parties.

We advise you to ask about which areas that will be used for camping and events before you choose your house and sign a contract.