Help the Kumiays. Water supply has been turned off

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Water for our homes, please!

The Kumiays had water, but the authorities switched of the water supply to their households. It is the number one of many challenges for the Kumiay community, who live isolated in Mexico’s hot and dry desert.

We seek to raise 1.000 USD to pay the bill, so water will be turned on again.

All donations of this campaign will go directly to the Kumiay community. Should we be successful and raise more than the required 1.000 USD, the money will go to solar energy for homes with young children – and to other projects about waste sorting, water preservation and more.
Read about the initiatives and the Kumiay Comitée below. Donations of $50 or more will be rewarded with a “White Pearl coupon” to buy for 50 USD worth of Kumiay accomodation, art or experiences. Read how to claim a White Pearl below.

In Denmark you can also use Mobile Pay to +45 20808002 (Holger Hansen). Please write “Kumiay” in the text

Sustainable energy for homes with no electricity

Water is the immediate biggest challenge, but electricity is also a big challenge. Some of the remote houses have not been connected to the electricity grid, because of distance. The cost of a solar installation that can provide a household with clean energy for a household for 25 years is estimated at 12.000 USD.




Kumiay initiative: Waste sorting and education – keep nature and oceans clean
Like many places in Mexico, the Kumiay community suffers from trash tossed or dumped in nature. The Kumiays has initiated an initiative of waste sorting and recycling. They want to keep their own natural habitats clean, but they also hope their initiative can inspire other local communities to start waste sorting, recycling, water preservation, clean energy and other sustainable initiatives. They hope the initiative can improve their community’s economy by arranging educational camps for children, students and others. Together with the Kumiay Friends Comitée we are currently seeing how we can attract people from Baja and Mexico, but also from California, Denmark and other parts of the world. We see the Kumiay “Tipai Wamp” Campground to have almost ideal conditions. Space and accomodation is perfect (given they have water turned on again!), and the fact that some Kumiays still live without electricity and other amenities that we see as very basic amenities in most of the world, makes the Kumiay community ideal for “sustainable educational camps”. Transport remains a challenge, but also this is being adressed in cooperation with Olav Hansen who works for the Division of Transport at Aalborg University in Denmark.

Who are the “Kumiay Friends”

Kumiay friends have a Facebook page at

We are a group of people of different nationalities, all caring much for nature and humanity. So far we consist of people from Mexico, United States of America and from Denmark. The Kumiays are active members of the project leadership and many from the community are strongly engaged and contribute to the planning and execution process of the projects.

The Kumiay friends initiative started after a research visit to the Kumiay community. A beautiful place with a lot of nature, indigenous culture and experiences. But a economically challenged community. Rising gas prices- and electricity prices has hit the community severely. Also, the community does not have internet – and now they don’t have water in their houses. They wanted to do something.

We worked with the Kumiays to find ways to improve the community’s  economy. We decided to seek to attract visitors, so that the Kumiays could make money from selling art, hiking tours, horseback rides, etc. – and from tourists camping and renting cabins.

But without water at the camp site, giving tourists a good experience seems very difficult, so hopefully we can collect enough money to get

Support the Kumiays

Donations of 50 USD or more will be rewarded with a “White Pearl coupon” to buy for $50 worth of Kumiay accomodation, art or experiences. To claim a “White Pearl coupan”, please write an e-mail to with the subject “Kumiay donation White Pearl request” and your name and address in the tekst, and the date of your payment. (Name should be the same as appears from your payment)

In Denmark you can also use Mobile Pay to +45 20808002 (Holger Hansen). Please write “Kumiay” in the text

Donations and all economic transactions are monitored by the Kumiay Friends Comitée.

Current comitée members
Teresita Berenice Zepeda Montes (San José de la Zorra, B.C. Mexico, Kumiay Comisariada)
Oscar Mejia (Represents Eve’s recycling Factory, La Mision, B.C. Mexico).
Olav Lange Hansen (Live in Mexico, works for the Danish Aalborg University, see more at

Holger Hansen (Lives in Lindeballe, Denmark. Retired farmer from Ringive. Holger receive Danish donations for Kumiays on Mobile Pay)


Thank you very much for your support.

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