About White Pearl Tresanos (WPT) – a social green-angel-funding cryptocurrency

White Pearl Tresanos (WPT) is a new form of a social green-angel-funding cryptocurrency.

It’s purchase value is currently bound to the US Dollar, 1.00 WPT = 50 USD, but it automatically matures and increase in value up to 100 USD.

It can potentially mature into an even higher value – maybe more than 1.000 USD.

The main purpose of WPT’s is crowd funding for environmentally and social friendly projects.

The WPT Maturing reward makes your money worth more money

You can already use the WPT to pay for some goods and services (See next section below)

For example, you can purchase 2 WPT for 100 USD and use those 2 WPT to immediately pay for a furniture worth 100 USD.

But if you let your 2 WPT fully mature, you can use your 2 WPT to pay for a furniture worth 200 USD.

It is kind of like if you purchased 1000 oranges hanging on a tree while they are still in-mature and green. You could pluck them immediately and go to a furniture and orange store and maybe get for 100 USD worth of furniture for your 1000 oranges. But if you let the oranges hang until they have matured into a big well tasting ready too sell oranges, the store owner would of course pay you more.

Likewise when you purchase a WPT at 50 USD, it is half matured. For each month for the next 60 months, it will mature with 1,67% per month until it is 100% matured after 60 months.

In the monetary world, it is equivalent to interest in the bank. With WPT you get 1,67% interest per month. Or 20% per year. No bank can beat that!


What can you buy for White Pearl Tresanos now – what can you expect over the coming years

Currently, WPT’s can be exchanged into goods and services at “Eve’s Office” in La Mision, Baja California in Mexico.

You can currently use WPT’s to:

a) purchase furniture from Eve’s Recycling Factory

b) pay for Camping and vacation house rentals in Eve’s Garden

c) pay for services and experiences provided by members of Eve’s Team (Page under construction)

In time, WPT’s are expected to become exchangable with goods, services and other values in many places around the world, just as if it was US Dollars or any other currency.


White Peal Tresure Chest – like a bank, but not a bank

When someone purchase a “White Pearl Tresanos”, they get a ownerdocument proving ownership of a unique serial number. The ownership is linked to an e-mail address of the owner, and the ownership is registered in the “White Pearl Tresure chest”, which is a central database.

It is like a bank account. You deposit WPT as you’d deposit USD in a bank. Maturing rewards are also automatically added, just like a bank automatically adds interest, except that banks seems to only add interest when you ow them money 🙁


The origin of White Pearl Tresanos – and additional potential value for you

The WPT was originally issued with the name “Coofle VIP Cards” by a group of software developers as a crowd funding currency to raise capital to develop and market a global intelligent “Community Ridesharing App”. A WPT have the same additional potential value attributes as the Coofle VIP Cards. There are two main potential value attributes of owning a WPT serialnumber. Given the ridesharing project becomes reality, owner’s of one WPT’s will

  1. get a three year cash back reward when they use ridesharing to get from A to B
  2. own a “micro-share” in a company that will be established and earn income from the ridesharing platform in your country

It is said, that if this ridesharing project becomes a success, each White Pearl Tresanos may potentially reach a value of 1.000 USD or even more.

The software developers behind the Coofle VIP Card administers the White Pearl Tresanos on behalf of Eve’s Team. They are not charging anything and the potential three year cash back and “micro-share” benefits are given to those who purchase White Pearl Tresanos from Eve’s Team as a gift.


How to purchase White Pearl Tresanos

You can query more information and/or purchase WPT’s by submitting your data in this form. You’ll get an e-mail with payment instructions and terms returned. You will not commit to any payments or any other obligations by submitting data in this form.